A New Report on Problems in Manufacturing iPhone 8

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KGI: A New Report on Problems in Manufacturing iPhone 8



We have already rejected the forecasts that implied iPhone 8's coming in the coming year. The holiday generation will debut in September, and there is a likelihood of a less pleasant shortage in the units produced. According to Ming-Chi Kuo's latest forecast from KGI Securities, the production of the expected development is going through a delay that is justified by significant hardware changes.

We remind you that the iPhone 8 will feature a laser sensor that will recognize your face in an extremely fast and accurate way, but this is not the only novelty under the 5.8 inch 2.5D OLED screen. Removing the standard Home Button also provoked the emergence of a new generation Touch ID. Perhaps the embedding of this technology will take a little longer than expected, and we look at Ming-Chi Kuo's latest forecast:

We see a lot of evidences that support a not so good guess. Manufactured devices in the future will likely fall to 80 and at most 90 million units instead of the expected between 100 and 110 million. For reference, we specify the standard unit that reaches 120 million units.





According to Ming-Chi Kuo's latest analysis, iPhone 8 production may remain for September, instead of August, as has always been the case. The unverified forecast also looks at investors who have nothing to worry about, yet Ming-Chi Kuo puts several important directions that could influence their investment:

It is of utmost importance whether the built-in 3D laser sensor on the iPhone 8's OLED screen will be seen as an innovative solution by consumers. Next, we highlight the impact of the change or the removal of the embedded Touch ID and whether the expected development will have a real competitor on the market.







Probably the iPhone 8 will debut in September, but the offer will be limited in availability or at least a month after the festive release.