6 interesting iPhone accessories up to 30 Euro you need to have!

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6 interesting iPhone accessories up to 30 Euro you need to have!


With the iPhone's growing popularity on the market, gadgets and accessories have appeared that try to make the iPhone better. The most popular and rather common ones are speakers and headphones, but I want this article to feature a few other iPhone accessories besides the usual ones, perhaps ones you have not heard about.

The prices for these interesting and cool iPhone accessories vary, but their quality also varies. Below I will explain in detail how you can distinguish the high-quality product from the low-quality imitation.


Ultra tough charging cable 




Certified MFi cable, which, in addition to its astonishing design, impresses with exceptional strength and durability. The cable is woven with special threads that do not wear, tear, and ensure long-lasting use of both the cable and the phone's battery.

Retro design is something that is noticeable from a distance, and with its length of one meter allows you to charge your phone anywhere you are.

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Photo lenses 3 in 1



Turn the smartphone photos into true art. This is one of the coolest iPhone accessories! Take pictures that stand out and are not limited by the camera on your phone. Experiment with different effects and wide-angle pictures.

The 3 in 1 lenses include a wide-angle lens that lets you capture wide landscapes, especially in nature, so nothing beautiful to stay out of the picture, a macro lens that lets you make extraordinarily detailed close-up shots, as well as a Fish-eye lens, with which you can make stunning and modern Go Pro photos.

Made with aluminum alloy and sapphire crystal glass to minimize glare, reflections, lens scratches and other problems.The removable clip for easy installation will leave no scratches or fingerprints on your phone.

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Spider Case




Undoubtfully there are many cases on the market and claiming that this is an interesting accessory seems at first glance funny, but ...

The Spider Case breaks this cliché thanks to its revolutionary nano cover. Imagine that the back of the case is made of millions of microscopic suction cups that allow it to stick to all smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic, wood and metal.

The case is invaluable when you want to make selfies with friends  and your loved ones or replace all the inconvenient holders in your car, as the case sticks perfectly to the dashboard. Or you prefer to stick it to your bed and listen to good music or watch a movie. The Spider Case can do all this and much more. But its most important quality is that it protects your phone from hitting, scratching and dropping.

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