How to shoot with iPhone 7: Apple Tips

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How to shoot with iPhone 7: Apple Tips


The stunning seventh-generation iPhone features an extremely serious main camera, while the Plus is characterized by the presence of a dual one. It has never been easier to make impressive photos without making any adjustments, but you still have to comply with a few basic requirements. There is nothing special about it, and we have  good news.

The official Apple website boasts a whole new section that will introduce you to many tips and options for taking pictures. To take advantage of the interesting instructions, just visit this link and choose any of the suggestions you want to get familiar with. Just click on the title and a relatively short video is going to start right away, which will surely benefit you.




Each video board has a duration of about 40 seconds and a standard hint of just two steps. Perhaps the most sophisticated shots reveal how to make a vertical panorama photo, and among all the other tips you'll encounter, such as how to set up an automatic photo timer, how to shoot a sunset silhouette , or how to shoot without a flash.

In general, the new tips are designed for a less advanced users, but among the suggestions you will also find a few professional options, such as how to take a photo at a right angle, just according to where the light comes from.


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